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Since its launch in 2009, the College’s Stump
Entrepreneurship Program has encouraged
the study of entrepreneurship and promoted
a spirit of entrepreneurialism. The Stump
Scholars Program is a flagship initiative
of the Stump Entrepreneurship Program.
Centering on scholarships, mentorships,
and internships, the program equips
students with the resources and networks
to gain both a theoretical understanding of
entrepreneurship and practical experience
in business management. Beginning during
their first year at BSC, Stump Scholars
are matched with an academic advisor
from the business department as well as
Program News
Preparing Students for Tomorrow: Stump Scholars ProgramUpdate
by Evan Grovenstein, a junior from Mobile, Alabama
an entrepreneurship mentor from the
community. Scholars participate in round
table discussions with faculty, alumni, and
other students to discuss entrepreneurship,
and they receive invitations to small group
events with guest speakers such as FedEx
founder and CEO Frederick Smith and founder Jeff Taylor. As an
additional opportunity, Stump Scholars are
guaranteed a fast-paced internship with a
leading entrepreneurial firm in Birmingham.
Internship partners include Integrated Media
Systems,, and Bradley
Arant Boult Cumming LLP.
A new class of Stump Scholars is selected
each year. Incoming students apply for
a Stump Scholarship in a process that
includes detailing how two of their projects
or accomplishments showcase their
entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, five first-
year students, three sophomores, and four
juniors are Stump Scholars. The following
first-year students were selected as Stump
Caver T. Camp
is from Greenwood,
Mississippi. Growing up in a family of
business leaders, he valued the chance
to observe their business ventures and
This year’s Stump Scholars, from left: David Harris Oates, Scout Turner, William Weller, Evan Grovenstein, and Lucy Sprain. Back Row: Caver Camp,
William Patrick Joyce, Kyle Doiran, and Chase Maxson.
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