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Letter from the Dean
Greetings to Birmingham-Southern Alumni, Students, and Friends
Collaboration. Workplace experience. Global competency. These dynamics are not only the
foundation for career success: they define a business education at Birmingham-Southern College. Over
the past year, we have fostered student learning inside and outside the classroom by launching new
programs, connecting students with business leaders, and expanding the role of students and alumni in
guiding the work of the business department.
The class of 2013 boasts one of the highest number of students ever majoring in business—over
seventy—and these students have benefited from a business education in a liberal arts setting. The
business faculty is embracing the value of interdisciplinary study by working with Spanish faculty in
inaugurating new academic and internship programs to prepare students for careers that will demand
Spanish proficiency. I am looking forward to working with my colleagues in additional disciplines to
broaden opportunities for students.
The business department actively seeks the voices of students and alumni in designing programs. To
achieve this end, we created a new student advisory board in the fall of 2012 to vocalize student needs. Currently, twenty
students are serving on this body that has already achieved a tangible result in revamping the
BSC Business Magazine
. Join me
in congratulating editor Shannon Thompson for creating a professional publication. The twelve members of the new alumni
board have also enriched business education by holding successful roundtable discussions with students and assisting the
faculty in developing relationships with companies to expand internship opportunities. This year, over fifty students completed
a business internship, and more partners are needed. If you or your company are interested in hosting a BSC student intern,
please see the box below.
Over the past year, the business department has examined the quality of the program and conducted a feasibility analysis
regarding the addition of new initiatives. Our goal is to maintain the program’s high quality, differentiate the program from its
competitors, and solidify the business department’s national reputation.
The faculty and I are very excited about the changes taking place at the college, and the goal of this publication is to keep you
updated on these transformations. As an alum, friend, or business leader, you can help define the college experience for a BSC
student. Consider hosting an intern, serving as a mentor, or simply having a conversation with a student on your real-world
experiences. Together, we can connect students to their future.
Sara Robicheaux ’97
Dean of Business Programs, Monaghan Professor of Business
Director of BSC Stump Entrepreneurship Program
Dr. Sara Robicheaux
Internships are three-way partnerships among Birmingham-Southern College, you, and a student.
Internships are supervised work experiences involving an intentional experiential learning strategy, an
emphasis on professional development, performance assessment, and reflection.
Please email your name, company name, and contact information to Marilyn Rawls at
if you are interested in having a BSC student as an intern. Please put the subject line
as “
Inter ships
internship partnership opportunity
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