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Letter from the Editor
It is no secret that 53% of new college graduates are unemployed or
underemployed. The old road to career success consisted of studying
hard, making good grades, rising through the ranks of a company,
and retiring with a gold watch. In our global world, the new model to
finding career happiness centers on maintaining mobility, exercising
creativity, and maximizing connections through social networking.
As a business major, I am thrilled to see how aggressively the
Birmingham-Southern Business Department is responding to the
ever-changing business environment. “Extending Our Roots: Global
Immersion in Business,” written by Austin Fann, introduces you to the
exciting collaborative efforts between the business department and the
modern foreign languages department, which have resulted in new
academic programs and international internship opportunities. Be
sure to read Evan Grovenstein’s article on the Stump Scholars Program
and Aaron Crowe’s piece on the 2012 Stump Entrepreneurship Lecture
delivered by FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith. We also introduce you to
several professors, highlight the adventures of BSC students studying
abroad, and showcase alumni success. Of special note—especially for
companies that will be hiring soon—the Business Student Spotlight
section focuses on the outstanding achievements of seniors who will
soon enter the workforce.
Exciting transformations are indeed happening in the Birmingham-
Southern Business Department as the faculty enhances the program’s
business/liberal arts experience to give future employers what they are
seeking in graduates. The goals are to enhance learning and position
students for career success. Jennifer Floren, founder and CEO of
Experience, Inc., a top provider of career services for colleges and
universities, offers this advice: “Of all the things employers look for when
hiring entry-level talent, it’s the so-called ‘soft skills’ that are valued most:
communication, teamwork, flexibility and positive attitude are by far
the most sought-after skills. Employers understand that everything else
can be taught, so they look for the most promising raw material to work
Sounds like the Birmingham-Southern business education to me!
Forward, Ever!
Shannon Thompson
BSC Business Magazine
A junior from Nashville, TN
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