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What are your thoughts on the Birmingham-
Southern Business Program?
Majoring in business was the perfect
choice for me. My professors have become
mentors who take the time to discuss how
they can help me achieve my career goals,
and they helped me build a network of
relationships with business leaders. For
me, the benefits the department offers
outside the classroom have been just as
valuable as those in the classroom.
Stephen Denton
What experiences have particularly prepared you for the business world?
This summer, I interned in Washington, DC, for a political consultant who
was a senior adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. The internship
combined business and politics, and the experience was unbelievable. The
office environment was extremely competitive and very much “sink or swim.”
Almost all of my assignments were given with very little specific instructions,
so I had to determine the best way to complete them. I think this experience
has best prepared me for the business world because it forced me to think
critically about how to accomplish my goals independently rather than
following a roadmap.
Why did you major in business?
Like many business students at Birmingham-Southern, I was strongly
influenced by Dr. Chew and his Foundations of Business Thought class that
I took during my first year. The philosophies driving different approaches
to commerce has always fascinated me, and Dr. Chew’s ability to merge the
theoretical and practical sides of business in one class sold me on the business
What are your future plans?
I am currently applying for and interviewing for positions, primarily in the
management consulting industry. My short-term goal is to spend several years
with a company before returning to graduate school to pursue an M.B.A.
Ultimately, I would like to be in corporate management or own my own
Kyle Sherrin
Campus Involvement
BSC men’s soccer team (four years)
Business Student Advisory Committee
reading, playing sports, fishing, and
spending time with my family and
chocolate lab
What are your thoughts on the Birmingham-
Southern Business Program?
I have loved my experience with BSC’s
business program. The professors are
incredible – they really care about preparing
students for a career in the business world.
The curriculum is also engaging and
has always made me want to participate
actively in every class. I think the business
program centers on an engaging learning
environment, one that I believe is unique
to BSC.
What experiences have particularly
prepared you for the business world?
I worked one summer with a money
management firm in my hometown.
Though I was never in charge of the funds,
I spent hours each day researching foreign currency markets, reading about
oil supply lines, searching technology blogs for news about the next big
product, and trying to predict the future price of gold. At first, I was a little
overwhelmed, but I quickly adjusted to meet the demands of the job. Before
long, I gained a basic understanding of financial markets and how they
change. Lyle Minton, the founding partner and CEO of the firm, became
a mentor who transformed a summer job into a learning experience. He
encouraged me and made me want to learn more about money management.
Dr. Chew’s BA 400 course was another highlight of my college career, an
experience made even more special since it was the last class Dr. Chew
taught. He interweaved so many real world experiences into his teaching,
and he genuinely cared about his students’ intellectual and personal growth.
Although the course was very challenging, students reaped rewards from their
work. I know having to work as hard as I did prepared me for life outside of
the classroom.
Why did you major in business?
When I arrived at BSC, I planned on majoring in accounting – my father is
the managing shareholder of an accounting firm, and I wanted to follow in
his footsteps. Dr. Chew’s BA 201 class, however, changed my plans. Dr. Chew
showed me that business can be conceptualized in many different ways, a
philosophy shared by the business faculty. My perspective of the business
world – and my plans for my college career and beyond – changed because of
Dr. Chew, and I’m very happy that it did.
What are your future plans?
I plan to earn a M.B.A. and eventually hope to start my own business.
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