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Alumni News
Stephanie (Boucher) Eckhardt ’07
Stephanie Eckhardt is a
senior marketing specialist at
Acuity Brands, Inc., a lighting
manufacturer headquartered
in Atlanta. In her role,
Stephanie works across
the organization to create
and manage national sales
promotions and point-of-
purchase displays. She was recently appointed as project
manager for the company’s implementation of Salesforce.
com, which will be used to manage the company’s sales
processes. Stephanie joined Acuity after working for
two and a half years with AT&T. At AT&T, she served as
president of the company’s business sales leadership
program and later as a business account manager in the
small business sales organization. In that post, Stephanie
was the division’s top salesperson.
Stephanie is married to fellow BSC ’07 alum and business
major Doug Eckhardt. The couple moved to Evanston,
Illinois, in August 2012 so that Doug could pursue a M.B.A.
at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern
University. Stephanie maintains her role with Acuity Brands
and frequently travels back to Atlanta.
BSC Business Magazine
: “How have your experiences
at Birmingham-Southern College benefited you in the
: “I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to
attend BSC. I met so many wonderful people, including my
husband and best friends, and I received a great education
that prepared me very well for the business world. The
one-on-one relationships between students and professors
are one of the primary assets of a BSC education. My
professors’ constant encouragement and insights gave me
a deep foundation of business knowledge and leadership
that has proved indispensable. These professors also helped
me build confidence and inspired me to realize how a good
attitude and a strong work ethic result in career success.”
BSC Business Magazine
: “How did the College’s
business department prepare you for your career?”
: “The business department’s focus on building
students’ communication skills definitely helped prepare
me for my career. Writing comprehensive business thought
papers in BA 400 and delivering a merges and acquisition
presentation to local executives in BA 499 helped me
build both my writing and public speaking skills. In the
If students work hard and maintain a good
attitude, BSC will give them the toolset necessary
for success—it’s then up to THEM to use it.”
workforce, I have seen how the ability to convey a message
with clarity and confidence is key for success. BSC was
instrumental in providing a foundation for success and
truly helped me stand out amongst my peers from day one
in my business career.”
BSC Business Magazine
: “What advice do you have for
business majors?”
: “My advice is three-fold. First, make the most of
your college experience! Build a strong network of trusted
friends, teachers, coaches, and future colleagues. Getting
involved on campus and in the community is essential for
maximizing your time on the Hilltop. Get to know your
professors – they are a huge resource and truly define the
BSC academic experience. Professors want to help you
succeed and are great references and touch points once you
graduate. Second, be energized! A good attitude and strong
work ethic go a long way in business and will distinguish
you in your field. Finally, be proactive in finding your
niche in the business community through internships. BSC
provides a strong foundation, but students must understand
the dynamics of various jobs in order to determine their
post-BSC plans. Internships help students build networks
for future jobs, clarify their career trajectory, and explore
their interests. Just remember not to wait until May to
look for a summer internship! Notably, internships also
help students familiarize themselves with the a sector;
interning with a marketing organization, for example, will
let students see that marketing careers vary from industry
to industry and could center on brand management, social
media marketing, product marketing, marketing research,
and other options.”
BSC Business Magazine
: “How should business majors
maximize their education?”
: “BSC truly delivered a great liberal arts
education. It helped me develop into a well-rounded
individual with a broad knowledge base. I was pushed
to be creative, think critically, and search for answers to
difficult problems.
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