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FedEx CEO Fred Smith with students

Business at Birmingham-Southern College blends the in-depth study of business administration with the broader world of the liberal arts. That means you'll get the basics, but you'll also learn to think critically, write effectively and give a persuasive presentation—all tools you'll need whether you start your own business or climb the corporate ladder. Plus, our courses explore ethical decision-making and emphasize international business, preparing you for an ever-changing global marketplace.

By senior year, you'll be ready for our challenging capstone course, in which students analyze a real-world business problem and present their solutions to a team of executives from across the region. In the latest version, students started their own businesses with $500 in seed money—and were graded on their results.

Studying business at BSC goes well beyond the classroom:

  • We will match you with internships in your field of interest, either during January E-Term, during the school year, or in the summer. Recent placements include St. Jude Hospital, O'Neal Steel, EBSCO Industries. Plus, our Norton Board of Advisors, made up of local business and community leaders, act as mentors for our students, giving them pre-career advice.

  • There are also opportunities to study abroad, either independently or through E-Term and travel courses, in which business professors and others take the classroom off campus. For example, Prof. Bert Morrow takes students to Italy and the Czech Republic to study vertical integration in agri-business there.

  • Think you're going to be the new new thing? Check out the Stump Entrepreneurship Scholars Program, an endowed program that provides scholarships to students who want to learn more about the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Scholars receive a mentor, a paid internship, and take classes focusing on the field.

  • We bring some of the brightest business minds to campus so you can learn from the best. Recent speakers have included the founder and CEO of FedEx, the creator of, and the director of strategic management firm The Coyne Group. Our speakers don't just stand behind a podium—they commit to teaching for a day and meeting with students.

Degree offered:

Bachelor's in Business Administration

Special programs:

Stump Entrepreneurship Program

Dean of Business Programs:
Dr. Sara Robicheaux
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Road / Box 549023
Birmingham, Alabama 35254-9023
(205) 226-4828