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Appendix E
Birmingham-Southern College's webpage can be accessed at the following address:
Much information about the College, including registration details, class
schedules, etc., can be found at this site.
Appendix F
In response to the Faculty's desire to promote undergraduate research and scholarship at
Birmingham-Southern College and to students' demands for more opportunities to engage in
research and scholarship with Faculty members, the College Fellows Program was established in
the spring of 1993. This program of joint Faculty/student research and teaching projects
provides enriching academic opportunities for our students. Dr. Charles B. Vail, a 1945 graduate
of the College, has generously supported this program, which now bears his name.
The Vail College Fellows Program is a two-tiered program. In the first tier, students are
designated "Teaching Fellows" and "Research Fellows" and receive academic credit for their
pursuits. Examples of first-tier projects include teaching assistants, research assistants, science
lab tutors, and writing center tutors. (Teaching Fellows register for 398/498 credit; research
fellows do a contract for 393/493 credit.) Second-tier students known as "Distinguished
Teaching Fellows" and "Distinguished Research Fellows," receive a $1,000 stipend applied
against their tuition. Second-tier projects offer more advanced opportunities: laboratory research
in the sciences, scholarly research in the humanities, or a first-tier project continuing for two
semesters, for example. Most of these projects lead to scholarly presentations and, quite often,
joint Faculty/student publications.
Applications for the program are due to the Provost in the spring, usually in early April. The
Faculty Development Committee reviews all applications and makes the selection of the
A student's transcript is submitted with
the application. Interested Faculty propose a project; select a student partner (sophomores,
juniors, seniors); complete the form detailing the nature of the project, giving the methodology,
explaining the collaborative effort of the student and the professor, and giving the final academic
product (if a research project).
is the key word for this program. College Fellows
projects are not simply Faculty-sponsored projects, but are, instead, projects of true collaboration
between student and Faculty member.