Page 62 - BSC Faculty Handbook

Faculty Endorsed 5/12/03, Board Approved 5/15/03
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 9/20/04, Board Amended/Approved 10/7/04
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 10/17/05, Board Amended/Approved 10/21/05
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 8/24/07, Academic Affairs Committee Amended/Approved 4/10/07
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 5/6/08, Board Amended/Approved 5/9/08
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 4/14/09, 5/5/09; Board Approved 5/8/09
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 12/7/2011; Board Approved 1/27/12
Faculty members, as citizens, are free to engage in political activities. They may run for political
office; however, Presidential approval is necessary to ensure that they will continue to carry out
their College responsibilities. Where necessary, leaves of absence may be given for the duration
of an election campaign or a term of office, on timely application, and for a reasonable period of
time. The terms of such leave of absence will be set forth in writing, and the leave will not affect
unfavorably the tenure status of a Faculty member, except that time spent on such leave will not
count as probationary service unless otherwise agreed.
The College is committed to providing a drug-free workplace. The unlawful manufacture,
distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in the
workplace. An employee who violates this policy may be subjected to disciplinary action up to
and including termination, or may be required, at the employee's expense, to participate
satisfactorily in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program chosen by the College.
Employees engaged in the performance of federal grants or contracts, primarily those employed
in the offices of Finance and Financial Aid, will receive a copy of this statement. As a condition
of their employment, they will agree to abide by the terms of this statement and will notify the
College of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace no
later than five days after that conviction. If any employee is convicted of a violation occurring in
the workplace, the College shall take appropriate disciplinary action against the employee, up to
and including termination, or shall require the employee, at the employee's expense, to
participate satisfactorily in a drug-abuse assistance or rehabilitation program chosen by the
College. Notwithstanding any other procedural rule or regulation contained in this manual, such
action shall be taken within thirty days after the College receives notice of the employee's
This policy is established as required by the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988.
Birmingham-Southern College actively encourages members of the Faculty to pursue grants and
contracts related to their teaching and research interests. The College reserves the right,
however, to review all grants and contracts to ensure that the institutional purposes and goals of
the College are not compromised by the grants and contracts. Faculty members should be able to
demonstrate how their pursuit of a grant or contract project will further their professional
development as teachers and Faculty members. Depending on the terms of the grant and the
needs of the College, Faculty members may receive summer salaries administered by the
College. The salaries of Faculty members may also be supplemented by external grants or