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violations of the Honor Code. (For a complete description of the Honor Code, please see the
Student Handbook
Birmingham-Southern College Faculty/Staff Honor Code and Social
Policies Manual
Honor Council
The Honor Council, composed of 16 students, will deal with students accused of violating the
Honor Code. The Dean of Students and a Faculty Advisor, selected annually by the Council, will
assist the Council and the Pre-Hearing Committee in their activities, but they will not participate
in the determination to proceed to hearing, reach a finding, set a penalty, or recommend
reconsideration. The Dean of Students will conduct the pre-hearing investigation of alleged
violations of the Honor Code.
Social Council
The Social Council, composed of the student who is Vice-President of the Honor Council, a
Faculty member, and a Staff person appointed by the President of the College, deals with social
violations rather than academic violations.
Honor Code Violations
The following are violations of the Honor Code:
Lying in official matters.
Cheating by either giving aid to or receiving aid from a student or other source
without the consent of the Faculty member, or plagiarizing (using another
person's words or ideas without documenting them properly).
Stealing (intentionally taking or appropriating without the right or permission any
individual, organizational, or institutional property. This includes, but is not
limited to, stealing off campus; from any person or business representatives on
this campus; from a computer company or any other computer-related theft; from
the telephone system; from vending machines; from a residence hall visitor; or
from any other business while it is on this campus. It also includes the removal of
any material or equipment from the Library or other facilities without
Failure to report a violation of the Honor Code.
Failure to appear before the Council as requested by written notice.
Failure to maintain confidentiality regarding an Honor Council case.
When determining a penalty, the Council is responsible for assuring the effectiveness of the
honor system for the Birmingham-Southern community. The Council may impose expulsion or
any lesser penalties.
Reporting a Violation
Any student, Faculty member, or Staff member having knowledge of a possible Honor Code
violation must report it to the President of the Council, the Dean of Students, or, in the case of
classwork, to the Faculty member concerned. The accuser may first approach the accused if he or
she so desires, or he or she can simply report the violation. If, however, after approaching the