Page 23 - BSC Faculty Handbook

Faculty Endorsed 5/12/03, Board Approved 5/15/03
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 9/20/04, Board Amended/Approved 10/7/04
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 10/17/05, Board Amended/Approved 10/21/05
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 8/24/07, Academic Affairs Committee Amended/Approved 4/10/07
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 5/6/08, Board Amended/Approved 5/9/08
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 4/14/09, 5/5/09; Board Approved 5/8/09
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 12/7/2011; Board Approved 1/27/12
year appointment, or the College may terminate employment immediately and pay the faculty member a
lump sum equal to the salary and retirement benefits contributions, if any, that would be due during the
second year of the appointment, and reimburse the faculty member for the actual, out-of-pocket cost of
health insurance continuation coverage for the remaining appointment term.
III.A.5. Annual Contract Renewal
Written contracts are sent annually by the President or Provost to all members of the Faculty.
The Faculty member indicates his or her acceptance of the terms of the contract by signing and
returning the contract to the Office of the Provost for placement in the Faculty member's
personnel records. Faculty members shall return the signed contract within twenty-one days. If
the Faculty member fails to return the signed contract within twenty-one days, the Faculty
member shall be considered to have rejected the contract which shall cause the employment
relationship to expire at the end of the current school year in May and compensation to end
August 31 of that year.
These procedures were endorsed by the faculty on May 6, 2008, with the stipulation that these
procedures will apply to all faculty whose appointments to the College began in the fall of 2008
or later and to all faculty who had not completed the mid-probation review as of May 6, 2008.
The procedures for promotion to professor will apply to all faculty who had not earned tenure as
of May 6, 2008.]
The decision-making, grievance, and review procedures contained in III. B. will be followed by
the College for granting or denying tenure (B.2. and B.5.) and/or promotion (B.3. and B.5.),
denying reappointment (B.4 and B.5.), and terminating for cause the employment (B.6. and B.7.)
of a Faculty member who is on tenure track or tenured. The III.B.5. grievance procedure applies
in the cases of promotion, tenure, and non-reappointment of tenure-track Faculty members. The
III.B.5. grievance procedure applies to tenured Faculty members only in connection with
promotions. The only circumstance in which a term-contract Faculty member may file a
grievance under III.B.5. is when the College cancels one or more full year(s) of employment in a
multi-year term contract. The III.B.7. review procedure for termination for cause and appeals
from such decisions apply to tenure track Faculty members and tenured Faculty members. The
III.B.7. review procedure applies to fulltime term contract Faculty members only when the full-
time term contract is terminated for cause before the end of the current school year.
Birmingham-Southern College seeks to hire well qualified faculty and to cultivate their
development as teachers and scholars/artists. Members of the faculty are given responsibilities
research, scholarship, and/or creative work
and for
to the College,
including advising, and to the larger community. The College recognizes its responsibilities in
assisting faculty members in their development and in publicly acknowledging the achievements
of faculty members by awarding tenure and promotion to those of proven merit.