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Faculty Endorsed 5/12/03, Board Approved 5/15/03
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 9/20/04, Board Amended/Approved 10/7/04
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 10/17/05, Board Amended/Approved 10/21/05
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During the final
year of a tenure-track probation period, the tenure-track professor will be considered for tenure,
and, if tenure is granted, his or her service should be terminated only for adequate cause, or
under extraordinary circumstances because of financial exigencies. When tenure is granted, the
next annual contract will indicate that the Faculty member has tenure status. Appointment to
tenured status in the Faculty may be granted to a strictly limited number of individuals who lack
the terminal degree of their disciplines, but who bring to the College great skills and high
abilities by their proven performance in a distinguished career. Such appointments to tenure shall
be the exception and not the rule.
Faculty members should have a corresponding feeling of responsibility to the College. A
member who plans to leave the College should feel obligated to notify the administration as soon
as practical and never later than fifteen days after the Faculty member receives notice from the
College of the terms of his or her continuing appointment the following year.
III.A.3. Status and Promotion in Rank of Professional Librarians
In accordance with the Association of College and Research Librarians statement on "The
Terminal Degree for Academic Librarians," a Master's degree in library and information science
from an American Library Association-accredited graduate school shall be the terminal degree
for academic librarians. All librarians must hold the terminal degree.
The Director of the Library will hold tenure-track Faculty status and be appointed at the rank of
Assistant or Associate Professor in accordance with relevant professional experience and
demonstrated professional performance
Full-time, non-tenure-track professional librarians with fewer than six years relevant experience
may be appointed at the rank of Assistant Professor and hold Faculty status. Individuals with at
least six years relevant experience and demonstrated superior professional performance may be
appointed at the rank of Associate Professor and hold Faculty status.
After a probationary period of six years, non-tenure track librarians are eligible for promotion in
rank in accordance with procedures outlined in The Faculty Handbook for application for
promotion. Criteria for promotion in academic rank to Associate Professor include a
demonstrated high level of performance in bibliographic organization, in research or instruction,
or in other professional endeavors; scholarship; advising; and service to the College and
community. In the case of a professional librarian’s completion of all requirements for a
doctorate, the professional librarian may, in the College’s discretion, be granted tenure and
promoted to the rank of Full Professor.
During the six-year probationary period, librarians will customarily be issued twelve-month contracts.
After six years, the College shall offer a librarian a rolling two-year contract. Each year, the librarian will
be offered a new two-year appointment. In the case of non-reappointment, the Provost shall inform the
librarian by September 1 of the second year of the two year contract that the librarian will not be given a
new two year contract and therefore is beginning the final year of appointment.