Page 17 - BSC Faculty Handbook

Faculty Endorsed 5/12/03, Board Approved 5/15/03
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 9/20/04, Board Amended/Approved 10/7/04
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 10/17/05, Board Amended/Approved 10/21/05
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 8/24/07, Academic Affairs Committee Amended/Approved 4/10/07
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 5/6/08, Board Amended/Approved 5/9/08
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 4/14/09, 5/5/09; Board Approved 5/8/09
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 12/7/2011; Board Approved 1/27/12
Assist new faculty in becoming familiar with the College’s teaching, advising,
scholarship, and service expectations, as well as the College calendar and unit system.
Serve as the initial level of approval and responsibility for the expenditure of budgeted
departmental funds.
Participate in student recruitment through conversations with prospective students and
parents, assistance in preparation of public relations materials, etc.
Prepare and justify requests for student assistants. Arrange for monitoring of their
activities and approval of their time sheets.
Serve as the first formal contact for students who want to express concerns about
curriculum, course scheduling, teaching, and advising.
II.E.3. Service on Committees
The Faculty shall be organized into elected and appointed committees as stipulated in the
College Bylaws VI.3, Faculty Constitution IV, and Faculty Bylaws II. Members of committees
serve routinely from June 1 to May 31 of each year.
II.E.4. Elected Committees of the Faculty
There are four elected committees: Faculty Advisory, Promotion and Tenure, Faculty
Development, and Curriculum and Standards. The membership and areas of concern for these
committees are detailed in Articles III, IV, V, and VI, respectively, of the Faculty Bylaws.
II.E.5. Appointed Committees of the College
Each year the Provost, in consultation with the Faculty Advisory Committee, appoints
committees to serve various functions. See the Faculty Constitution, IV.2. for a general
statement of the powers of these committees. The following is a representative list of the types
of committees that are appointed and charged every year: Admission Committee, Graduate
Council, Health Professions Advisory Committee, Interim/Contract Learning Committee, Hess
Center – Leadership/Service Committee, Retention Committee.
ad hoc
committees and task forces may be appointed from time to time to address
specific needs that may arise. These committees will be included in the consideration of a
Faculty member’s workload. Every endeavor will be made to limit total committee service to
two per eligible Faculty member.