Page 15 - BSC Faculty Handbook

Faculty Endorsed 5/12/03, Board Approved 5/15/03
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 9/20/04, Board Amended/Approved 10/7/04
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 10/17/05, Board Amended/Approved 10/21/05
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 8/24/07, Academic Affairs Committee Amended/Approved 4/10/07
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 5/6/08, Board Amended/Approved 5/9/08
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 4/14/09, 5/5/09; Board Approved 5/8/09
Faculty Amended/Endorsed 12/7/2011; Board Approved 1/27/12
II.D.8. Religious and Volunteer Activities
Director of Church Relations
The Director of Church Relations is responsible for relating the North Alabama Conference and
the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church to the College in
meaningful ways. The Director is responsible for public relations and fund raising efforts in and
through churches in both Conferences and with United Methodist individuals. He or she also
develops programs in continuing education for clergy and lay church workers, meets with higher
education-related church committees, and helps Faculty, Staff, and students to respond to the
church in various avenues of service.
The Chaplain is responsible for student religious life on campus and assists in providing regular
worship services for the College community. He or she works with student groups interested in
religious topics or in areas having relevance to students' attitudes and values. The Chaplain also
offers pastoral services and counseling to students, Faculty, and Staff.
II.D.9. Athletics
Athletic Director
The Athletic Director is responsible for the coordination of the athletic program of Birmingham-
Southern College.
The Faculty is guided by the College Bylaws and the Faculty Constitution during all its
deliberations. This 2009 revision of the Faculty Handbook is meant to consolidate all
amendments and changes made since 2003. This 2009 revision will supersede any previous
version of the Faculty Handbook.
II.E.1. The Faculty Role in Governance
The College strongly supports the principles set forth in the American Association of University
Professors’ “1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure (with 1970 Interpretive
Comments)” and the “Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities” (adopted in 1966 and
amended in 1990). Furthermore, the College seeks to realize these principles by establishing guidelines,
organizing bodies, and implementing procedures that safeguard and promote the role of the Faculty in
managing the academic program of the College. The College and its Faculty are not bound, however, by
the above-named statements or the interpretations of them reflected in policies and procedures by the
AAUP and other external organizations.
The College affirms that the role of the Faculty in the institution is of particular significance. The
Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities," jointly approved or adopted by the American