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Your room is more than just a place to sleep and study; it's a place to live and learn. BSC promotes respect and responsibility among individuals in our residential community and encourages students to learn from one another. Residence Life staff members work hard to ensure a safe, comfortable living experience that enhances academic performance and encourages social development. If you have questions about Residence Life, contact any of the staff below:

Important Information:

All Residence Halls close at 4pm on Sunday, May 18.

Summer Housing Information:

All Summer residents will be assigned to the Hilltop Apartments in two-bedroom units. Residents will have two roommates, either assigned by Residence Life or chosen mutually when applying for Summer Housing. If you have preferred roommates, everyone must request one another. If you only have one preferred roommate, Residence Life will assign a third person for the space. The application for Summer Housing can be found here.

Important Summer Housing Dates:

6/2/2014 (Monday) - Residence Halls open at 10am (Full-Term & First-Term Students)
6/30/2014 (Monday) - Residence Halls open at 10am (Second-Term Students)

7/1/2014 (Tuesday) - Residence Halls close at 10am (First-Term Students)
7/23/2014 (Wednesday) - Residence Halls close at 10am (Full-Term Summer Students)
7/29/2014 (Tuesday) - Residence Halls close at 10am (Second-Term Summer Students)

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